WILLBEE photovoltaics

A simple and efficient solution for companies which are willing to hold their own sources of renewable energy. Not only is the solution is environmental-friendly, but it also ensures at least partial independence from the market prices of electrical energy. Modernization in this area comes with a pay-back period of 7-8 years on average. It is an appealing time for renewable energy sources.

What do we offer?

WILLBEE photovoltaics is the best technological solution. We search opportunities to implement an installation. We provide assistance at the expert level, instruct and support an investment process when crucial permits and settlements are required. We implement a cutting-edge photovoltaic equipment of a verified high quality. It translates directly into long lifespan of an installation and results in possibly the highest energy efficiency. With the service, we provide investments financing in the ESCO model in which capital expenditures payment follows the cost savings. WILLBEE photovoltaics stands for a free-of-charge estimation of possibilities to apply photovoltaic solutions and potential savings (an estimation is based on data delivered by a client).

An installation with the power of 49.8 kWp will generate electrical energy of 47.62 MWh/year. Assuming a price of electrical energy of 0.16 EUR/kWh, annual generated savings will amount to more than EUR 7 640.

The expected pay-back period for the investment is approximately 5 years, if fixed prices for electrical energy are maintained.

How does a client benefit?

  • immediate and free-of-charge information
    on potential to generate savings in the photovoltaic area
  • an investment without expenditures
    if the Willbee financing option has been selected
  • „green energy”
    it lowers the emission of CO2 and other harmful gases
  • savings
    lower electricity bills
  • increased energy independence
    by becoming independent form market prices of electrical energy
  • creating an image of an environmental-friendly company
    thanks to a company's own RES installation
  • short pay-back period
    compared to other RES installations