WILLBEE compressed air

Numerous technological processes require an application of compressed air. Energy efficiency improvement for compressed air installation and its sources contributes to substantial savings – WILLBEE compressed air provides a set of modernization concepts, for which a pay-back period does not exceed 2 years.

What do we offer?

WILLBEE compressed air is a product to improve energy efficiency while generating and utilizing such a medium in a plant. Our corporate group's extensive experience in the compressed air area makes it possible to estimate needs and possibilities to modernize a compressed air installation in a quick and free-of-charge manner. As a next step, DBE prepares an energy efficiency audit which aims to identify possibilities for compressed air costs optimisation. Our specialists will determine savings through the modernization of a compressed site, modifications in an air preparation unit, an elimination of potential leakages and, finally, through proper installation adjustment and hydraulic fracturing. Our team will also provide innovative solutions, such as an advanced master management system.

Additionally, WILLBEE compressed air includes project designing, implementing and financing in the EPC or ESCO model which allows a client to achieve guaranteed energy efficiency improvement in that area. In the ESCO model, savings are typically divided between a client and WILLBEE in the following manner: a client 25%, Willbee 75%, for the period of 5 years. Moreover, such investment require mandatorily a current technical maintenance of an installation.

How does a client benefit?

  • immediate and free-of-charge information
    on potential to generate savings in the compressed air area
  • an investment without expenditures
    if the Willbee financing option has been selected
  • compressed air parameters optimization
  • savings
    lower costs of compressed air purchase or production
  • reduced CO2 emission
  • stable air quality and installation performance dynamics
    longer lifespan of a machine and trouble-free running
  • reduced contamination of grease lubrication
  • increased efficiency of units powered by compressed air