WILLBEE energy sources

Industrial energy sources are an indispensable element in an infrastructure of large and energy-consuming companies. They allow stable and competitive conditions to be achieved while controlling energy costs. They secure industrial production against lack of energy supply from the grid. Energy source modernization requires more often than not large investment expenditures. However, it contributes to larger-than-average savings. WILLBEE energy sources ensures short pay-back periodsfrom 3 to 5 years, it also provides a possibility to have an energy source investment financed.

What do we offer?

WILLBEE energy sources entails specialized services which aim to assess energy source efficiency. Thus, electrical energy, heat, distributed generation are measured. The assessment is conducted in huge energy production units which operate in the cogeneration mode, in which heat is partially directed towards electrical energy production. Our engineers are capable of and experienced in identifying proper solutions which allow it to improve efficiency of already existing heat sources or heat generators when various technologies are involved. We have gained extensive experience in modifying fossil fuel balances which are used in manufacturing processes. We also design new and appealing solutions for exhaust aftertreatment with the use of economizers, recovery boilers or units to generate electrical energy from a waste heat recovery installation, both in high and low temperatures. We implement industrial high-temperature heat pumps when energy recovery streams are loo low and cannot be used again.

Once we receive basic data, a free-of-charge assessment of savings potential is developed. We draw up an offer which is followed by a modernization project, a possibility to choose a financing model (ESCO, EPC) and, finally, a project is implemented. An average cost of an investment amounts from 0.6 to 1 million EUR/MW of electric power. Thanks to savings division in the Willbee financing models (a client 25%, Willbee 75%), investment expenditures as well as servicing and maintenance costs are covered.

Thanks to a gas turbine applied to generate energy (a client in a metallurgical sector), it was possible to gain energy savings of 150GWh/year. With the reselling price of 45 EUR/MWh, earnings of the investment amounted to EUR 6 740 000 annually which also allowed CO2 emissions to be reduced by more than 120 thousand tonnes per year. The pay-back period was shorter than 5 years.

How does a client benefit?

  • immediate and free-of-charge information
    on potential to generate savings in the cogeneration area
  • an investment without expenditures
    if the Willbee financing option has been selected
  • short pay-back periods
  • lower CO2 emission
    environmentally-friendly performance and image-building
  • increased efficiency in energy production
    and consequently minimized losses
  • low-emission source of electrical energy, heat and cooling
  • savings
    lower costs of heat and electrical energy consumption
  • partial dependence on energy delivered by a grid
    that is, financial gains and safety