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WILLBEE drives

Electric drives account for more than 70% of electric energy consumed in the industry. As it results from our experience, drives do not operate efficiently due to imperfect controlling systems or their lack. Easy methods to control drives installations may lead to substantial savings. Our corporate group has gained an average pay-back period in this field of 2.5 years.

What do we offer?

WILLBEE drives ntails specialized services to analyse the profitability of drive units modernization, together with an execution of such a project. Depending on a client's needs, we may conduct machinery diagnostics. It involves the diagnostics of an engine, a gearbox and actuators. We also assess pumps and fans efficiency, and select new units or control systems in already existing installations. However, we always initiate the process with a free-of-charge estimation of drives to identify potential savings which is based on data delivered by a client. Once savings are initially estimated, we provide our concept for further cooperation. This stage entails designing a complex modernization concept, financing models (ESCO and EPC) and, finally, a project implementation.

An exemplary investment, which was financed in the ESCO model, included modernization of a 160kW drive throttled at 30%. In this project we managed to:

  • reduce energy consumption by approximately 100kW maintaining the unit's continuous performance of 6 000 h annually,
  • generate savings which amounted to approximately 60%, that is, 600MWh, with a total price for electrical energy of EUR 78.00/MWh the annual value comes to over EUR 47 000,
  • the investment will pay back within 5 years. It has been paid from obtained savings in the following proportion – a client's 25% and Willbee 75%.

WILLBEE drives lead directly to savings in energy consumed by a machine. It also enables better operating parameters adjustment and improved unit performance dynamics. What is more important, it allows drives to perform independently, in accordance with set flow and pressure parameters. This allows expensive malfunctions and stoppages to be prevented.

How does a client benefit?

  • immediate and free-of-charge information
    on potential to generate savings in the electric drives area
  • an investment without expenditures
    if the Willbee financing option has been selected
  • a possibility to have an investment partially financed
    a special offer adjusted to a client's needs and possibilities
  • a complete set of improvements
    together with an economical profitability assessment and a selection of the best technical solutions
  • troubleshooting
    solving problems with electrical drives thanks to diagnostics which makes it possible to find their source
  • savings
    lower electricity bills
  • improved drive units control parameters
    i.e. properly regulated fan rotational speed
  • minimized costs of drive maintenance
    costs of repair and maintenance, costs generated by malfunctions
  • a high quality product
    bespoke projects and solutions
  • a quick pay-back period