Technologically and financially efficient management of machinery and installation performance is a pre-requisite in every production plant. However, installation of diagnostic systems for machines and units, metering and billing of energy consumption and, finally, properly configured reports may pose a serious difficulty for production plants. Willbee Energy offers a proper solution and provides monitoring services.

What do we offer?

We design a complex monitoring concept for machines and units, in which proper equipment is already selected. With the monitoring service, a client is trained on how to interpret collected data, which indicators should be utilized in order to estimate machines and installations performance. The training entails also information on methods which should be used to manage an installation performance. At the request of a clients, not only do we select and install monitoring systems, but also we are capable of managing the processes continuously by providing ready-made guidelines for maintenance and engineering technicians.

With the monitoring service, we provide measurements for the industry:

  • all types of measurements required while enhancing energy efficiency,
  • predictive diagnostics, maintenance and repair of rotating machinery – DiagSys, it is based on network performance analysers developed by our specialists (APPS).


  • DBE becomes accountable for constant efficiency of machinery performance throughout a pending investment
  • a tool to reduce CO2 emissions
  • an appropriate solution for companies with the ISO 50001 certificate (it may be used as a tool for a preliminary audit or an annual assessment)
  • a basic tool for predictive diagnostics
  • it is the first step in achieving improved performance parameters and their optimization