Once an audit is performed and a project concept is presented together with a particular financing method, a project to improve energy efficiency is implemented – we put our recommendations in place. Depending on a financial method chosen by a client, we may manage the project implementation entirely or partially. If a client arrives at a decision to execute works autonomously, we may support them by estimating expenditures, managing or supervising a purchase processes and, finally, by managing or supervising executive works as a project supervisor.

Main areas of Willbee implementation activities

electrical energy sources, heat and cooling sources

decreased consumption of primary energy which is stored in fuel (electrical energy, coal, gas, heat)


buildings and networks

thermal efficiency improvement of a building, a structure and efficiency of an energy utilities distribution network within a plant


electrical infrastructure

reduced consumption of energy used by devices and electrical installations


technological processes

concepts to reduce energy consumption in technological processes


Selected implementations for our clients:

  • Cogeneration projects – energy consumption has been reduced by approximately 48 500 MWh. Such an outcome has led to annual average savings with the value of PLN 18 570 000 (with the capital expenditures of more than PLN 73 million)
  • Thanks to a gas turbine applied to generate energy (a client in a metallurgical sector), it was possible to gain energy savings of 150GWh/year which also allowed CO2 emissions to be reduced by more than 120 thousand tonnes per year. The pay-back period was shorter than 7 years.
  • While recovering compressed air and directing it to a technological process (a client in the plastics industry), we have managed to reduce the amount of produced air by 29.5% in the investment with a pay-back period shorter than 2 years. We have achieved energy gains of 713.3MWh/year.
  • Thanks to modernization of fan drive systems, which consume on average 25 085.6 MWh of electrical energy annually,we have managed to reduce the consumption by 39%.
  • We have gained our clients' recognition since they enter into further cooperation with DBE, and references of their management account for their satisfaction.


  • „We are pleased and satisfied with the results. We recommend the corporate group as a reliable and solid partner in seeking energy efficiency solutions.”
    PCC Rokita, Poland
  • „The proposed methods have made it possible to achieve the energy effect in terms of final energy savings and the environmental effect in terms of CO2 reduction. The service was provided very carefully and professionally with the contract.”
    APOSTELS, Germany


Reduction in energy consumption 5.1 TWh

Savings EUR 220 million

Energy recovery 15-25%