Project concepts

After our engineers have identified the savings potential, they create design concepts and recommendations for projects to be implemented. We evaluate the profitability of implementable projects taking into account the needs and possibilities of the customer.

Main areas of our project performance

electrical energy sources, heat and cooling sources

reduction of primary energy use

buildings and networks

refurbishment of buildings, information on efficiency of energy in utilities distribution networks

electrical infrastructure

reduction of energy use of devices and electrical installations

technological processes

energy efficient technological processes, optimization of process layouts

Why Willbee project concepts?

  • skilled engineers – specialists with broad expertise within installations, machines and industrial units (design and performance)
  • substantial efficiency – proved by the achieved savings generated through implemented projects
  • guaranteed reduction of energy consumption – in connection with Willbee financing options and implementation by our team
  • practical solutions – projects are adjusted to the client's needs and their expectations
  • service complexity and high quality – implementation of the following investment phases, guarantee of profitability

Our achievements

Within the scope of our projects, modernization projects and retrofits with total costs of more than EUR 750 million have already been completed. It has allowed energy consumption to be reduced by more than 5.1 TWh. Annual savings of over 220 million EUR have been achieved.

Modernizations EUR 750 million

Reduction in energy consumption 5.1 TWh

Savings EUR 220 million